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Grooming Travel Essentials That Every Gentleman Needs This Summer

Grooming Travel Essentials That Every Gentleman Needs This Summer

‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore’, said French author Andre Gide of a gentleman’s relationship with travel. Quite true, but a gentleman should be well served to remember that he can’t possibly indulge his wanderlust without at least a few carefully considered grooming essentials to see him through his adventures. As we tentatively begin to travel once more, the prospect of heading to lands afar (or, for that fact, nearby) has never seemed more enticing and loaded with meaning and promise. However, summer holiday time should not be seen as an opportunity to let your grooming regime slip.

Of course, there is a romanticism to the idea of ‘roughing it’ in some sun-drenched, exotic destination. While going au naturale on some Greek island or roaming tousled of hair off the coast of Capri might seem appealing, the reality falls somewhat short of the fragrance advert ideal that might be conjured up by our travel-hungry imagination.

Although the thought of giving up on a grooming routine on a summer break can feel like a way to free oneself of the constraints that govern our normal working life, and while going unshaven when normally clean of jaw or leaving hair product-free when it is usually slick and perfectly styled, may feel liberating, letting one’s grooming standards slip doesn’t do a great deal for self-esteem. Neither is it exactly a joy for one’s other half.

Happily, recognising that there is nothing pleasing about an overflowing, tightly packed wash bag with some erroneous substance spilling all over your prized fragrance and handsome razor, Truefitt & Hill has transformed travelling with grooming accoutrement into an effortless art. So, let us start with that. Our ‘Expandable Wash Bag’ has been crafted by artisans so that the design is roomy but perfectly neat, employing special vegetable-dyed leather that is crafted in the Loire Valley. The zip is designed in such a way that, once opened, it stays so firmly, thanks to a steel frame, which allows for easy access. Not to mention that the sophisticated yet exciting colours, from soft olive to sunny tangerine, will look perfectly placed in any hotel bathroom.  

And while going unshaven in favour of that sun-drenched, rustic look is fine for a couple of days on the beach, when the time calls for aperitivo hour on some spellbinding terrazza overlooking Amalfi, you really do want to look your very best. And that is when our Tube Traveller Shaving Brush, a travel-friendly version of our Wellington shaving brush, contained in a tube for helpful portability (and protection for the fibres), is indispensable. Pair it with one of our shaving creams and a compact Sheffield Double Edge Travel Razor and you will find yourself equipped with everything one could possibly need to spruce up ahead of cocktail hour. Finally, a spritz of our captivating Apsley Cologne, a luxurious blend of grapefruit, lemon, vetivert, jasmine and musk will set the balmy Mediterranean mood very nicely indeed.

Finally, if your summer trip inevitably involves playing the part of sometimes action man, sometimes sherpa, let us not forget your hands, as they will suffer. Hauling luggage, bundling carry-ons into taxis, grappling with the rope as you drop anchor in some idyllic bay, not to mention the effects of sea and salt, will take their toll on your hands. This is where Truefitt & Hill’s Small Leather Manicure Set comes into its own; a sleek leather case houses a concise array of tools to keep your nails in fine form. Which, as you raise that Aperol Spritz overlooking some blue yonder while feeling refreshed and polished, you will be immensely grateful for.

Happy travelling, Gentlemen!


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