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Real Men Manicure

Real Men Manicure

Eyes might be the window of the soul, but ones hands are the first thing we notice about a person when we meet them: in a quick span of five seconds, it is usual that we have taken in the size of the hand(s), how wrinkled the palms are – any freckles or scars, length of a fingers, nail shape and size… wedding band or no wedding band…

Be Proud, Don't Hide Your Hands

It doesn’t take long therefore to observe on a second glance the state of a person’s nails; usually the more self conscious amongst us will move their hands at a fast rate; fold them or hide them behind their back; others may be more open or honest, “I know. I need to take more care of my nails”.

Make a Manicure The Norm

My grandfather was very particular about his hands and nails and was manicured each week following his weekly haircut; it was part of the norm – his weekly procedure. Over the years, finding the time or perhaps the necessity to have a manicure seems to have fallen down the list of grooming trends. 

Turn On, Not Off

Be warned, when it comes to male grooming, there are few bigger turnoffs than dirty, jagged finger nails or bitten cuticles. Taking things to hand DIY style is a start (Truefitt & Hill has a variety of manicure sets for every descending male), though the occasional pro-manicure from one of our experts wouldn’t go amiss; the result will honestly have you adding a regular appointment to your calendar on Outlook before you can say, “Ben Wright”.

(yes. The Antiques Roadshow chap who made headlines for his grubby hands back in 2010; the poor fella still hasn’t lived it down).

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