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Soak into Sandalwood

Soak into Sandalwood

Whilst some may jump right in to 2023 with drastic New Year's resolutions, a true gentleman knows that real change takes time. Easing into a restful January and recovering from the chaos and excesses of the holidays is far more prudent than proclaiming “New Year, New Me!” – only to have forgotten all resolutions come February. This time should be a season of self-care and a gradual return to the hubbub of everyday life.  


Consider your skincare regime. We all know how Truefitt & Hill’s Ultimate Comfort range helps those with more sensitive skin by returning moisture to the affected areas. But bearing in mind the severity of the season on all types of skin, frequent application of a moisturising cream, such as the fragrance-free Ultimate Comfort Advanced Facial Moisturiser, can prevent any gentleman’s skin from drying out whilst facing freezing temperatures.  


The scent of Sandalwood is a tale of two halves. The fragrance can take you on a nostalgia trip, one of cosy evenings in front of a roaring log fire, its warm musky aroma with woody, leafy undertones evocative of a winter walk through an ancient woodland. A spritz of Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne on a cold winter morning, however, invigorates the senses, the top notes of lemon and bergamot with a twist of melon makes a chilly Monday morning all the merrier. Soak into our Sandalwood fragrance, a scent that says you are amid winter. Add a splash of Bath Oil and you are ready to relax and enjoy... 


With focus on the New Year ahead, especially during a chilly winter, we are drawn to something that gives us that warm and cosy feeling – perhaps a little indulgent too – by way of a long, hot soak in the bath. Based on a decades-old formula, Truefitt & Hill’s luxury Bath Oil is crafted with a unique blend of carefully selected aromatic essential oils, renowned for their therapeutic properties and promotion of well-being. Our luxury Bath Oil soothes, conditions and moisturizes your skin – as well as helps you to relax your mind and put your body at ease.  


So, care for your skin during the frosty winter months with our Ultimate Comfort range and indulge in a restorative warm soak with our Bath Oil. Reach out for reliable favourites, such as our Sandalwood fragrance. A fresh take on the familiar and beloved scent, it is as classic as it is comforting. 

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