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The Complete Guide to Buying, Gifting and Receiving this Festive Season

The Complete Guide to Buying, Gifting and Receiving this Festive Season

With the festive season truly in full swing, it is high time to focus and zero in on one’s Christmas gifting strategy. With the time flown by for idling through magazines and drinking in twinkling shop windows, the considered man needs to form a definitive gifting list and set about his stylish shopping pursuit, after which he will be free to enjoy the more pleasurable elements of the festive season, like imbibing of eggnog and attending soirees instead of trudging through the Christmas crowds. So how to do it? 

First step is Santa’s checklist: give careful thought to the choice of the grooming products most likely to appeal to the family members you are planning to spoil and do take stock of the generations you are gifting for.

Buying something for your father? A timeless Wellington Shaving Brush that nods to the classicism of another era is a considered choice, as well as fragrances that evoke a bygone age, such as a woody Spanish Leather or sophisticated Grafton Cologne. These gifts are bound to conjure up times when a gentleman took his time over his grooming routine, all leisurely and pleasurably performed, very likely before sitting down to breakfast of kippers at his club. Materials are more important here, with a richer appreciation of quality, so also look at items employing sumptuous leathers, like our timeless and always useful, Gentleman’s Wash Bag.

At the more youthful end of the familial scale, sons and nephews may be experimenting with their first dabble into the men’s grooming world, so invest in items they will feel comfortable and familiar with. A razor such as the Sheffield Steel designed for the “everyman” with a triple razor blade, will be a sure bet. Likewise look at the more modern and cutting-edge design, such as the curved Chrome Shaving Stand with Bowl, as well as items that he is unlikely to think of for himself during this fledgling year. For example, a manicure set to encourage him to add a finishing touch to his grooming routine, or moustache comb, which will keep teenage tufts in order as he experiments with his facial hair.

Carefully curated gift boxes can be a blessing here too, as they tick off several needs in one swoop - for example Classic Shave Gift Set that contains all the essentials for the perfect Truefitt & Hill shave. You may also consider grooming accessories like Burlington handmade Hair Brush or Shaving Mug, which will look suitably festive under the Christmas tree thanks to our handsome Truefitt & Hill packaging in princely navy with sky blue ribbon.

Away from the swagger of a weighty gift box, don’t discount smaller items. It is these that sprinkle a touch of festive gold dust, especially for smaller gifting demands. If you opt for custom filled Christmas crackers, items such as combs and travel razors can be added to the obligatory paper hat. And smaller grooming items, such as Beard Brush and more bijou, 50ml bottles of cologne, can work for office secret Santas too! Whatever you choose however, always aim for long lasting quality items which will be enjoyed for years to come, as protecting our environment should feature large on your gifting list. 

Finally, do remember that gifting needn’t be the onerous “must do” before you get to the more enjoyable parts of Christmas; you can turn it into one of the most enjoyable parts of the festive season instead. 

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