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Truefitt & Hill and Netflix Present: The Gentlemen Sandalwood

Truefitt & Hill and Netflix Present: The Gentlemen Sandalwood

In an elegant fusion of traditional grooming excellence and contemporary cinematic flair, Truefitt & Hill is thrilled to announce a prestigious collaboration with Netflix, marking the release of Guy Ritchie's latest action-comedy masterpiece, ‘The Gentlemen’. This series, a spin-off of Ritchie's 2019 film of the same name, has quickly become a topic of much anticipation and conversation among aficionados of quality storytelling and refined taste.

Introducing The Gentlemen Sandalwood

Celebrating this collaboration, Truefitt & Hill unveils The Gentlemen Sandalwood, a limited edition range that reflects the distinguished aesthetic and aromatic sophistication deserving of its namesake. Adorned with a regal crest and presenting a fresh, new look, this exclusive collection not only pays homage to the classic scents for which Truefitt & Hill is renowned but also introduces an element of the unexpected, mirroring the series’ blend of elegance and edge.

A Fragrance of Distinction and Character

Centred around the noble essence of sandalwood, The Gentlemen Sandalwood fragrance is a bold declaration of confidence and style. Inspired by the series' charismatic protagonist, Eddie Halstead, Duke of Halstead, this scent is a tribute to those who lead with authority and grace. With notes that proclaim, ‘I’m in charge, I have the room, I am The Gentleman’, this fragrance captures the spirit of adventure and the unwavering strength of character that defines the true essence of ‘The Gentlemen’ series.

A Limited Edition Range for the Modern Gentleman

Truefitt & Hill’s The Gentlemen Sandalwood is not merely a product; it is an experience, a journey into the world of elegance, power, and distinction. This range is for those who appreciate the finer things in life, who command respect through their presence and who understand the power of a truly great fragrance.

The collection, while limited, offers an opportunity to embody the charisma, authority, and aristocratic flair of Eddie Halstead. It invites you to embrace the essence of a gentleman, to carry with you the aura of sophistication that is at once timeless and profoundly relevant in today’s world.

Embrace Your Inner Gentleman

Truefitt & Hill, with its storied history of grooming excellence, continues to pave the way forward by embracing narratives that resonate with the modern man. ‘The Gentlemen’ series, with its compelling storytelling, intricate characters, and mesmerising settings, provides the perfect backdrop for this exclusive range.

We invite you to discover The Gentlemen Sandalwood, to immerse yourself in its captivating scent, and to embody the elegance and charisma of the ultimate gentleman. This is not just an addition to your grooming routine; it is a homage to the art of being a gentleman, in every sense of the word.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable collaboration, and let The Gentlemen Sandalwood be your signature scent, a testament to your own unique story and sophistication.

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