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Trying A New Beard Style In 2020

Trying A New Beard Style In 2020

As we head into 2020 proper, and in fact a whole new decade, one feels a whole new energy regarding resolutions, plans and, dare we say it, one’s approach to personal style. Because what might have suited you in the previous decade should perhaps be re-evaluated as we steer into a new one. And in terms of grooming, one of the biggest stories over the last ten years has been the change in facial hair styles. Beards became more fulsome, facial hair more sculpted, and in the environs of cool east London there was even a very strange trend for flowers in beards. There’s no danger of such at Truefitt & Hill, but despite the fact that we’re the world’s oldest barbershop, we are forward thinking in our approach to the changing styles of men’s beards. We’ve seen it all in our 215 years in the business of making men look their finest. So which style should you choose? 

Let’s put aside the more wildly experimental styles, or those that perhaps nod to period dramas instead of daily life in the 21st century, such as the Dali moustache, the English moustache and the French fork, and focus on the ones most likely to work for you. Let’s start with the most classic, and most predominant style of beard, the Short Boxed Beard. This is a style that follows the natural line of hair growth across the upper lip and jawline, but it’s kept steadfastly neat and trimmed. You can keep the edges neatly shaven by employing our handsome Regency Razor

Next up is a popular variant on the Short Boxed Beard - the Circle Beard. Even the fresh faced Leonardo DiCaprio has adopted this style to look more sophisticated and grown up on the red carpet. It’s more exacting than the Short Boxed Beard as it combines a goatee beard and moustache, but the rest is clean shaven - the jawline and neck are free of fuzz. If you have a softer jawline, it will add definition and structure. The hairs are kept trimmed and neat to ensure this. 

A close cousin to the Short Boxed Beard is the Van Dyke Beard. There’s one significant difference - the moustache is separate from the beard. Also, the beard itself is more fulsome. David Beckham has been known to adopt this beard style from time to time. If you want to achieve this look yourself, then shave your cheeks clean, leaving just your chin whiskers and moustache intact. The extra volume of beard means that you may need to invest in our Gentleman’s Beard Oil to ensure it’s well conditioned. 

Another member of the beard family is the Anchor Beard. This is also a popular choice, but it is more exacting and sharp - the beard takes the form of an ‘anchor’ shape in that the hair traces from the bottom lip to the chin, with a neat moustache, but the rest of the face is kept clean shaven. For this, our precise and nicely weighted Wellington Fusion Razor is a helpful wing man. 

And moving away from beards to the moustache, unless you’re well versed in its different forms, we’d recommend steering away from anything wildly experimental, towards a more classic form like the Original Moustache style. It sits just above the top lip, not trailing downwards, and is kept neatly trimmed and groomed. This means the rest of the face, neck and chin are clean shaven, which requires a fuller shaving routine. To protect your skin and prevent flare-ups, why not employ our Pre-Shave Oil followed by our Sandalwood Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm. You can then step into the new year, and the new decade, with full confidence that you are putting your best face forward.


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